Automated recurring payments - a time-saving service for you and your customers

The modern pace of life and the information flowing in from all sides are driving society to find solutions to optimise every aspect of life. As time becomes more and more precious, making every process as simple as possible is a key objective - and e-commerce is no exception. Automated recurring payments are a payment service that automatically debits customers' accounts for goods or services provided to them. An automated recurring payment solution for e-commerce allows you to automate the charging of customers for goods or services according to a predefined schedule. With this service, e-businesses have the flexibility to create payment plans tailored to the needs of different business models and easily collect recurring payments.

How does it work?

Recurring payments make it easy to automatically debit customers’ accounts according to a schedule, track and see the latest payment information and status. The automated recurring payment solution works with any subscription model a business chooses, at no extra cost. Once customers have given their authorisation, the amount is automatically deducted at predefined intervals until the customer cancels the authorisation or the subscription expires. As this service benefits both businesses and customers, recurring payments are gaining momentum worldwide. This helps business owners to receive payments on time and reduce the administrative costs associated with payment delays, without the need for customers to pay for goods or services all over again.

How can recurring payments benefit not only your customers but especially your business?

• Reduces late payments and payment collection times. Late payments are bad for business, affecting both revenue and customer relations. By integrating recurring payments, businesses can be sure that payment collections will be repeated automatically at pre-set times.

• Saving time. Automated recurring payments reduce the cost and effort involved in invoicing and processing payments manually. E-businesses will spend less time chasing customers for payments and have less awkward conversations about late payments, leaving more time for other essential business tasks.

• Improving customer relations. Recurring payments are much more convenient for customers as they only need to enter their billing information once. Customers don't need to set any reminders to pay overdue invoices or enter their payment information every billing cycle.

The automated recurring payment system is convenient for both customers and businesses. This not only improves a customer experience by reducing friction caused by repetitive manual payments and delays, but also ensures a stable cash flow for e-businesses. If your business is a subscription or subscription-based service where you have to collect payments from the same customers on a regular basis, then it's worth trying a recurring payment service.

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