BLIK payments

Make it even easier to use the local payment option customers in Poland love.

Neopay is now an official provider of BLIK payment services. Access to BLIK, one of the most popular payment method in Poland, is one more way we can enable your business to reach as wide a group of customers as possible with a full range of payment options.

What is BLIK?

Customers already have everything they need in their bank's app.

BLIK is a modern mobile payment system in Poland that allows users to make instant payments and withdraw cash using only their standard mobile banking app.

Zero installations, many opportunities

Pay for online purchases and services

It's easier and faster.

Pay when shopping at a store

Even with no wallet on hand.

Send money to a phone number

No account number to enter.

Withdraw or deposit money at an ATM

With no need for a payment card.

Key facts about BLIK

12.9 million +

customers already make payments via BLIK in Poland

€10.4 billion

of total transactions in Q4 2022


banks in Poland already support BLIK

Businesses grow with BLIK


Growth of eCommerce transactions

Q4 2022 compared to Q4 2021


Growth of P2P transactions

Q4 2022 compared to Q4 2021

Activate BLIK with Neopay

Easy to activate

Neopay is a certified BLIK payment system provider in Poland. We enable businesses to add BLIK, the most popular local payment method, to the options they offer. To start using BLIK, simply contact us.

Full-scope open banking services

Neopay is a full-scope provider of open banking services in Poland. We help reach more customers and complete more transactions with more payment options.

Easy onboarding with individual support

One way we maintain the top quality of our services is by making onboarding easy. Our customer support is always happy to help if you have any questions about integration or services.

Get the most from Open Banking with Neopay

Payment initiation

Bypass multiple fee-charging parties in the EU to reduce transactional costs on payment processing with our secure open banking payment initiation service (PIS).

Recurring payments

Manage recuring payments and subscriptions to bill your customers automatically and let them pay the way they prefer: via a chosen bank account or by credit card.

Automated Refunds

Simplify your refund process by automatically repaying a chosen customer or group of customers for recent purchases.

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