Account information service

Use our Account Information Service (AIS) with the customer’s consent and periodically retrieve bank account data to offer tailor-made smart financial services for your customers.

Customers no longer have to tediously send and receive account statements, salary slips and other documents needed for credit checks when applying for a loan. Once consent has been granted by the customer, the lending institute receives all the relevant information from an AISP.

AISPs can use the enriched data to gain insights into spending behaviours and financial health of their customers and offer customised services and suggestions that are tailored to specific customer needs.

STEP 1: Select a bank

STEP 2: Identify

STEP 3: Verify

STEP 4: Account information statement submitted

Our account information service is already available in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Poland.

Your online shoppers easily authenticate themselves once to give a permission to our PIS to provide a consolidated information on a payment account.

Immediate verification sends a confirmation on a completed financial information on a payment account.

Account information statement submitted to provide your business with better visibility of financial information. Both the Neopay and the banks guarantee the safety of clients‘ personal data and funds.

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